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December 10, 2023
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nifty project management review | software | pricing


The best project management software in Nifty is your workflow management hub for managing projects, teams, tasks, and communications in one place. An app with chats, tasks, timelines, documents and much more.

Nifty connects all organizations by offering a single workspace to collaborate and manage different departments in an organization. The cross-organizational project overview feature provides management with high-level visibility into sprint timelines that can be translated into a detailed task-level analysis of any project with just a few clicks. For regular team members, Nifty provides intuitive core features such as project discussions, milestones, tasks, documents, and files. in order not only to facilitate their work, but also to ensure that the stakeholders are aligned with the project objectives. Instant messaging and group chats ensure seamless communication across the team to bridge the gap between planning and delivery. The excellent free version gives you access to all the main features, 3 members, 2 active projects, and 1 GB of storage per user, as well as a self-service help center.

Nifty overview:
First you must know about this software . What is it, about its benefits, need to know. Stay with us for details.

Creator: Shiv KapoorPrice: $39per month, billed annually
Product :NiftyNiche: app builder
Launch date :Jun 18, 2017My Ratings: 9.4/10

What is nifty ?
Nifty is cloud-based project management software that connects all tasks and projects with the people who work on them. It is a tool that helps manage tasks, assign tasks to team members, track work hours, allocate time to tasks, connect people to tasks, track project progress, and support project management. teammate approach.This software helps teams work together.

The best project management software in Nifty  that aims to make project work easier for teams. With it, users can create clear goals and deadlines, work together to accomplish tasks, propose and discuss ideas, create project documents and wikis, and balance workloads for team members.

Why choose nifty?


The platform boosts task management, turning discussions into actions by starting a document to ask peers or a task from a message. Team members are constantly involved with external projects. This is possible using direct messages that will be sent to or from the system.The best project management software in nifty.

Features :

  • Project roadmaps
  • Live chat 
  • File sharing functions
  • Spread sheet functions
  • Shared project views
  • Budget reports 
  • Forum threads
  • Team dashboards
  • Project templates
  • Browser compatible
  • Live chat support 
  • Client organizing
  • Email support
  • Online educational resource click

How does this work in software?

Nifty allows users to manage projects, deliverables, and customer communications within project management software. Streamlined communication allows you and your team to communicate with the client to ensure everyone is on the same page without needing project management software training for your client. Project assets are also shared between workspaces for your team’s collaboration and client control.The best project management software in nifty.

Your data is regularly backed up to prevent data loss and assist in the case of recovery. To protect your data, Nifty hosts it in SSAE 16/SOC1 certified data centers. To further protect your data, end-to-end security, firewalls, and access restrictions are implemented on Nifty servers.

Expert opinion in Niifty

Each project has a discussion forum on Nifty where project members and guest users can share ideas related to the project. Discussions allow users to send messages, upload files hosted locally or in the cloud, create issues, start sessions, and compress important messages. Messages posted here will be visible to other team members in real time.

How can Nifty help with agile projects?

Project managers can define goal-oriented sprint milestones in Nifty to define project goals with start and end dates. It provides actionable and observable context for both developers and managers. Development teams can break down product features into separate Nifty tasks. Tasks can be linked to milestones to track sprint progress.

The benefits of the software tools are nifty.

The best project management software in Nifty tools help you keep track of the work assigned to you in the “My Work” area, organized by deadlines. It puts the most urgent tasks first, allowing you to keep track of all assigned tasks, activities, and time records. To see where you are with your project’s progress, filter tasks by due dates, task recipients, and associated milestones.

  • Nifty is agile project management software that allows you to work on large projects with multiple team members.
  • Like most project management software, it is a collaborative workspace that helps users and teams organize tasks, track time, and manage documents in one place.
  • Nifty’s Android and iOS apps let you work and collaborate on workflows on the go.


$39/ month
  • Team Members 10
  • Storage Space 100 GB
  • Active Projects 40 Projects
  • Guests & Clients Unlimited

Comparison with similar products. Nifty different?

Nifty is an intuitive, powerful, and affordable project management software that allows you to plan, track, and manage projects in one place. Compared to other project management solutions, When comparing project management software, it stands out because it combines all the tools you need to complete a project, such as team chats, task management, a collaborative document productivity suite, and calendar and meeting functions.


  • Unlimited tasks and milestones
  • Kanban and list task views
  • Time tracking
  • Team chat and discussions


  • No recurring task
  • No calendar task view
  • No reach direct integrations


The best project management software in Nift is rooted in core features including project tracking, collaboration support, and a centralized workspace. The app effectively improves teamwork because it keeps all team members on the same page. It improves decision-making by promoting collaboration and allowing team members to gather feedback, communicate, and share ideas—all in real time

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